On a mission

Hi! I'm Kathryn, the founder and creator of Little Food Passports. I'm on a mission to help parents get their children to try new healthy foods and establish a foundation for a life of healthy eating choices.

The Food Passport System is designed with parents and kids in mind. Picky eating can be extremely frustrating for parents who want the best for their kids. I developed this with my daughter who was the ultimate picky eater. As she grew into her toddler years, she moved away from the wholesome foods I’d been giving her and seemed to love only factory made foods. It worried me. It infuriated me. It made me feel powerless. The advice I sought out also didn’t seem to help. Until one day, I decided to make a game out of trying new foods. 

I prepared a simple meal of blueberries, yellow pepper, scrambled eggs and brown rice. Things she would never try. I sat her down and told her that we were going on an adventure! I took her through the activity and after we were finished, she tried everything on her plate AND liked blueberries, red pepper, brown rice. She didn’t care for the eggs. She still doesn't (and that's ok). 

We did this for a few weeks (at her request usually) and out of it, she’s become a lover of of red peppers, yellow pepper, mushrooms, green beans, baked chicken, smoked salmon, salmon shrimp and many more. It was a success. I didn’t have to negotiate and it was a great way to spend some quality time together. Now, I have a lot more healthy foods that I can include in her breakfasts, lunches and dinners. 

Something I learned is that healthy eating is a journey, it isn’t a destination. It's cliche, I know but it's true. My hope is that you and your little one have fun with this and that you help them find healthy foods that they can incorporate into their diets for a life of healthy eating!

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