Become a Little Food Passport Ambassador

We are on a mission to empower parents with the tools to help raise healthy little  eaters and set a strong foundation for a life of healthy eating choices. Our games and tools introduce a little fun into eating and helps shape a food explorer mindset.

The goal of our ambassador program is to create real, long-term partnerships with individuals who genuinely love our mission and want to share that love with their friends, family, and followers. As a Little Food Passport ambassador, your goal is to help inspire parents to help teach healthy eating habits to their kids!

Let's talk about the good stuff: What's in it for you?

  • First look and testing opportunities for new Little Food Passport products
  • Personal 20 percent discount code to share with family and friends
  • Good karma for making other parent's lives easier by spreading the word :) 

Responsibilities of a Little Food Passport Ambassador:

Share the secret with your friends! Here are some ways to get the word out:

  • Create photo and video content documenting how you use Little Food Passport products and share on social media
  • Share your experiences as a family member. 
  • Provide insightful feedback with Little Food Passport's regarding opportunities to improve the brand experience.

Okay enough about us, tell us about YOU!


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