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Little Food Passport is an activity booklet that is rooted in research designed to help little picky eaters try new foods. It's a meal time activity that parents can share with their children and serves as a great teaching tool for parents to raise healthy, happy little food explorers. 

Each activity book comes with detailed instructions to guide you and includes corresponding stickers.  We've found it works best when it's made into a special activity that you can do to do once a week (though your child may ask to do this with you every night)! 

Decide five healthy foods that you'll serve for the meal. We don't make recommendations as you know your child :-) Try to think through things however that you wouldn't normally serve. We've seen more success with more basic foods to start (steamed broccoli, etc)

Get your child excited about the activity you guys are about to do.

If they can form their own letters, go around the plate and point out what each food is. Encourage them to write words next to the blank boxes in the activity booklet.

Explain the different opinion stickers and what they mean. A smiley face sticker is they like the food. The neutral face sticker means they don't love it or hate it. Try to stay away from the idea that they don't like something.The key here is to encourage them to give their opinions but research shows that kids need at least 20X exposure to foods before liking it.

Explain that in order to get their Visa Sticker, they have to at least "explore" every food on the plate. 

Let them decide the order of what they want to try

Get eating! Have them talk about the food and let the put the food descriptor stickers next to the foods!

Once the meal is over, summarize what they liked, what they may need to try again. We find it helpful to record their findings in the back pages. 





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