Expert recommended. Kid approved!

What parents are saying

Best suited for finicky eaters

ages 3-6 who can:

Can form some letters on their own

Can peel off stickers

Signs of independence

How it works

Empowers kids with a game and gives them autonomy in choice, making them more likely to try a new food.

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Who it works best for

little finicky eaters that will sometimes try new food but are somewhat fussy in doing so. Parents who are tired of mealtime battles and want to find new healthy foods to incorporate into their diet.

Who it's not meant for

Expert recommended

Little Food Passport is rooted in research from the best strategies to help kids eat healthy, the right way

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Began out of frustration and ended with a solution.

More healthy eating tips and tricks

Jul 5, 2021

Tips from the experts

Here are some additional strategies for using The Little Food Passport with kids that may be having difficulty getting on board with trying new foods:

Jul 5, 2021

Picky eater or is it something else.....

A picky eater is very different from a problem eater and knowing the difference between the two is important. "Pedia...

Mar 31, 2021

Teaching kids to learn to read food labels

As an adult, many of us do this as a force of habit. At least I do! I'm always on the lookout for those added sugars...
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