A few pro-tips to using Little Food Passport

  • When starting the Little Food Passport, make sure to dedicate your undivided attention.
  • Get them excited about the meal that's coming before it's at the table. Little Food Passports lets you get creative. You can prepare a meal with Asian influences and say "today, we're going to China at dinner! Get your passport!"
  • Let them participate in the meal preparation process and taste foods as they cook.
  • Once you have your meal ready, sit down and take them through what's on the plate and ask them to write in the food items in the booklet. 
  • Let them choose what they eat first! It's up to them. They are the food adventurer.
  • Get silly! Ask them if the food may taste like a color.  Does it taste like water? The more you can get them thinking about what they are eating, the better! Head here for more tips on talking about food.
  • Encourage experimentation! Challenge them to think through what different flavor combinations would taste like.
  • Incorporate their favorite foods with new foods prepared a different way: If they find new foods they like, SUCCESS. You have have a new favorite food to incorporate into your meal planning. The possibilities are endless.
  • Incorporate their favorite foods prepared a different way and in new dishes. When you discover a new food, replicate it!
  • The reward is achieving the Visa. You can include deserts we've found that children don't need that added incentive but you know your child best. 
  • For meal ideas from around the globe, see here

Other pro-tips that aren't related to the activity include:

  • Eating time is screen free time: Turn off the TV and focus on the meal and ask them to describe the food tastes. 
  • Let them eat from the garden: If you have a garden of any sort (herbs, vegetables) let them try food directly off the bush! This makes them curious and it's a very different way to do things than they are used to!
  • Don’t offer substitutions.  Why would they try something new when their tried and true is just a few minutes away?  
  • Children learn by watching their parents. Eat healthy and be adventurous yourself!
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